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What is Chr. Olesen?

Chr. Olesen is a family-owned company established in 1885 in Denmark. We specialise in distributing high-quality ingredients for the Feed, Food, and Pharma industries worldwide. Our headquarters is based in Gentofte, Denmark, and we have entities in Europe, Latin America, Mexico and the USA.

Our mission is to be a reliable distribution partner for our suppliers and customers. This is what the Chr. Olesen Group has been doing since the first grocery store opened in 1885, and therefore this mission stands very strong in the services and understanding of our work every day. We strive to be perceived as the best link between our manufacturers and customers, thereby improving the competitive edge of our partners’ businesses. We are committed to continuing to provide high-quality products and dedicated service to our customers as we have been doing for decades.

Empowering reliable growth through long-term partnerships since 1885.

The Chr. Olesen Group specialises in distributing ingredients to the Feed, Food, and Pharmaceutical industries all over the world. We work with carefully selected manufacturers to provide our customers with high-quality products.

How do we define a long-term relationship?

"It is not about the short-term activities but about the long-term perspective"

(Mads C. Olesen, 2020)

How did it start?

Chr. Olesen was founded in 1885 in Denmark by Mads Chr. Olesen. The company started as a small family-run grocery and goods store. Mads Chr. Olesen had a passion for providing quality products at the best prices to his customers, and his dedication to this goal laid the foundation for the company’s future success. The company soon developed into a local grain and feed supplier, providing local farmers with seeds for their farms.

Over the years, Chr. Olesen has grown and expanded its operations to become a global distribution company, continuously focusing on providing high-quality ingredients and dedicated service to its customers. As the business grew, Chr. Olesen expanded its product range from Feed to include both Food and Pharma ingredients.

The company continues to be operated by the Olesen family, and the fifth generation has recently been onboarded. The company values that guided Mads Chr. Olesen over a century ago are still important guidelines for the management of the company today

The 5th Generation

In 2022 and 2023, the fifth generation of the Olesen family, Christian Dam Olesen and Phillip Christian Olesen, joined Chr. Olesen.

Christian and Phillip bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the company, having worked in positions outside of the family business. Christian has experience in the feed industry, while Phillip has worked in the food industry. Growing up with Chr. Olesen as an integrated part of their upbringing, they have a deep understanding of the industry and the needs of our stakeholders.

As the company continues to evolve, the new generation will carry on the tradition of staying ahead of the curve in terms of the development and innovation of the company.

We strive to be perceived as the best link between manufactures and customers of ingredients for the Feed, Food, and Pharmaceutical industries.

It’s all about the relationships

In Chr. Olesen, we believe that long-term partnerships with our stakeholders are essential for succeeding in the global distribution industry. These relationships allow us to build trust and understanding with our suppliers and customers, leading to improved communication and cooperation. We believe that these partnerships are key to the success and growth of Chr. Olesen and its stakeholders, which is why we say “Empowering reliable growth through long-term partnerships since 1885”.

Relationship equity

Relationship equity is about cultivating trust, open communication, and mutual benefit with our stakeholders. It means establishing long-term partnerships that are advantageous for all parties involved, resulting in increased efficiency, cost savings, and overall reliable growth.

A Global Distributor across Europe, Latin America, and the USA

Chr. Olesen Group is a family-owned company established in Denmark in 1885. Since 1992, we have expanded with subsidiaries in Europe, the USA, Brazil, and Mexico. Today, we operate with over 20 local companies in 8 countries.

This is how we do business

In Chr. Olesen, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality products and services to our customers. We understand that success in the Feed, Food, and Pharma industries depends on prioritizing quality, safety, and efficiency, and we strive to excel in all of these areas. Our focus is on product quality and safety, market conditions and trends, efficient storage and logistics, as well as building long-term relationships and strategic partnerships. We are constantly working to improve our operations to keep up with our customers’ needs.

Dirk Theissen is having a chat with his colleague Christopher Schrader at the Copenhagen office of Chr. Olesen

Product Quality & Safety

We deliver high-quality ingredients while complying with global standards that ensure the safety and traceability of our products. This means that we conduct controls on raw materials, production processes, and logistics and perform audits to ensure our ongoing compliance.

Market Conditions & Trends

We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and regulations in the markets we serve, and we work closely with our customers and suppliers to understand their needs and expectations. Furthermore, we continuously strive to improve our product range to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Efficient Storage & Logistics

With our strategically placed warehouses across Europe, Latin America, Mexico, and the USA, we have a logistics network that enables us to transport products timely and efficiently to customers worldwide.

Long-term Relationships

We work closely with our customers and suppliers to understand their needs and to help them achieve their goals. Building long-term relationships and strategic partnerships with our customers and suppliers is the key to the success of Chr. Olesen Group and our stakeholders.

Empowering reliable growth through
longterm partnerships, since 1885.

Our self-service

Chr. Olesen’s self-service platform allows you, as a customer, to obtain a thorough overview of your current orders with Chr. Olesen. It allows you to keep track of your balance, provides easy access to invoices, and enables you to view your open orders.

Creating a sustainable culture

In Chr. Olesen, we believe that taking social responsibility is a mandatory and natural part of being a global distribution partner. We are committed to acting according to the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact throughout the Chr. Olesen Group. Our ESG principles are an integrated part of our business and are manifested through our Code of Conduct, ESG Progress Report, and ESG Policy. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting social and governance (ESG) values.

In Chr. Olesen, we review our sustainability progress each year, according to the three pillars of ESG: Environment, Social, and Governance. For Chr. Olesen, ESG means taking care of the environment, taking care of people, and being reliable.

- Environment
- Social
- Governance

For Chr. Olesen, ESG means taking care of the environment, taking care of people and being reliable.


Taking care of the environment


Taking care of people


Being reliable

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