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Privacy policy – Principles

We take data protection seriously

Chr. Olesen process personal data as part of daily operations and have adopted this privacy policy to inform you about our data processing activities and how in involves your personal data as a customer, supplier, business partner, job applicant or user of our website.

We ensure fair and transparent data processing

Chr. Olesen ensures that the data processing takes place in accordance with the law. When we ask you to make your personal data available to us, we inform you of the data we process about you and for what purpose.

If we collect data about you from another party, such as a supplier, government authority or business partner, we notify you within 10 days of obtaining your personal data. We also inform you of the reason for collecting the data, and the legal basis that allows us to obtain your personal data.


We use this type of data about you

We use data about you to make our service better and ensure quality in our products and services as well as in our contact with you. The data we collect may include:
– Name
– Address and e-mail address
– Telephone number
– IP address
– CV information

We collect and store your personal data for specific purposes

We collect and store your data for specific purposes. We do that to:
– Fulfill your request for services from Chr. Olesen
– Administrate your engagement with us
– Comply with legislation or other contractual requirements.

We only process relevant and necessary personal data

We only collect, process, and store your data if they are relevant and necessary to fill the purposes defined above. Before we process your personal data, we make sure to minimize the amount of data we process about you. It may also be determined by law what type of data is required to be collected and stored.

Correct and up-to-date information

We check that the personal data we process about you is not incorrect or misleading. As our service depends on your data being accurate and up to date, we ask you to inform us of relevant changes to your data. You can at any time contact us on or e-mail to your Chr. Olesen contact regarding this matter.

We delete your personal data when it is no longer required

We only store your data for as long as necessary to achieve the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy or for as long as is determined by applicable legislation. We delete your personal data when it is no longer needed for the purpose that formed the basis of our collection, processing, and storage of your data, or when we are under a legal requirement to limit the storage of your data.

We have a legal basis for processing your personal data

In most situations, we obtain your consent before processing your personal data for the purposes described above unless we have another legal basis for obtaining it. Your consent is voluntary, and you can withdraw it at any time by contacting us. If we need to use your personal data for a purpose other than originally stated, we will inform you of the new purpose and ask for your consent before we begin data processing.

In other situations, we apply another legal basis for the data processing, including the contract you have signed with us, legislation, or our legitimate business interest in processing personal data. The latter is only applied if our business interest can be pursued without interfering with your fundamental rights and freedoms.

We may share your data with third parties

We share personal data within the Chr. Olesen Group and with some service providers. This may involve the transfer of your data to third countries outside the EU/EEA. E-mails containing personal data are send as encrypted to protect the transfer e-mail correspondence and ensure adequate protection of your data.


We protect your personal data and have internal information security rules

We have adopted internal rules and processes on information security/it-security, which contain instructions and measures that protect your personal data against being destroyed, lost, or altered, against unauthorized disclosure, and against access by unauthorized persons. We have established procedures for granting access rights to those of our employees who process personal data. We control their actual access through logging and monitoring. To avoid data loss, we regularly back up our data sets. We also ensure protection and the confidentiality and authenticity of your data by only and globally using authorized e-mail systems (Microsoft Office 365) for storage and transport of data. We will notify you of any security breaches that result in a high risk to you as soon as possible.


You have the right to access your personal data

You have the right to be informed at any time about the data we process about you, where they come from and what we use them for. Upon request, we will also inform you about the time-period for which we store your personal data and who receives data about you. You may also gain insight in the data we process about you. However, access may be limited for the protection of other persons’ privacy, trade secrets and intellectual property rights.

You are entitled to have inaccurate personal data rectified or deleted

If you believe that the personal data, we process about you is inaccurate, you have the right to have it corrected. You must contact us and inform us of the inaccuracies and how they can be corrected. In some cases, we will have an obligation to delete your personal data. This applies, for example, if you withdraw your consent. If you believe that your data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which we collected it, you may request that it be deleted. You can also contact us if you believe that your personal data is being processed in violation of the law or other legal obligations. When you contact us with a request to have your personal data corrected or deleted, we will investigate whether the conditions are met, and if so, implement changes or deletion as soon as possible.

You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data.

You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data. If your objection is justified, we will make sure to stop the processing of your personal data.

You have the right to have your personal data transferred to another service provider

You have the right to receive the personal data you have made available to us based on your consent or as part of a contract. You also have the right to transfer your personal data to another service provider. If you wish to exercise your right to data portability, you will receive your personal data from us in a commonly used format.

You have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data

You have the right to request that we restrict the processing of your personal data under certain conditions. Should you request that we restrict the processing of all or some of your personal data, this may result in us being unable to continue rendering services to you since those services may require the processing of personal data that is subject to your request for restriction.

You have the right not to be subject to a decision based on automatic processing

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data in a such manner that it results in automated decisions, including profiling, and which produces legal effects concerning you or similarly affects you.

Exercising your rights

We will strive to accommodate any request from you to exercise your data subject rights. We will respond to your request without unnecessary delays.

Should you have any questions regarding our data processing activities, or to exercise your rights as a data subject, you can contact us at the contact information below.


If you experience inaccurate or unlawful data processing with Chr. Olesen, you may contact us using the contact details below.

In Denmark you have the right to send a report to the Danish Data Protection Agency (Datatilsynet). The report may be sent by e-mail or via their webpage. Read about the reporting process here: Report a breach (

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